Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Weekly Amazon Ad Surprise!

Hey everybody I try to put out these promos at least once a day to let you know what's going on with me. Also to let some of you know when important or fun articles are coming out. Like my UFO story or my Gang Stalking series. My Gang Stalking series has been on several sites and I didn't realize how many people were aware of this stuff, but I've had around 10 thousand people read my last article on different sites. Got some great feed back too! Some of you know that I write about other things, like my meta-physics and science articles. But, did you know I also write about magic, esotericism, philosophy, Religion, ethics and morality? I get those ads from Amazon every couple days and to my surprise, this ad came today. See it's my book "Sin Thesis" and my writing on "Ethics and Morality."

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Contact from out of the Blue

Hello Again Friends and other humans! Yes it’s me with an update. I have been contacted by my best new screen writer friend Jim O’Connell from a brand new TV series “Xperiencers.” He says he read about me in the UK but he’s from the US. Anyway, he and his team of investigators are traveling the country to shoot 13 episodes for the show. He asked if I’d be interested in participating and he sent me a sizzle reel. After watching it, I believe it will do well. I’m going to update you on this as I know more. Now I want to be a screen writer too so I asked Jim and he informed me that it’s not an easy gig to get. The film industry is tough to break into… Always another problem… Also, I now have columns on different websites and magazines lite UFO Digest, Unexplained-Mysteries and Ancient Code to name a few. I’ll also update you on this. Until next time keep your eyes to the skies and your head here on Earth… Peace out, ME!

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My True Extraterrestrial Story

Hello Everyone!, "Three Strange Extraterrestrial Encounters" is my newest story I’ve written about my first two extraterrestrial encounters along with my most recent. It is a super condensed true story from my book. It is on dozens of sites and will appear in print over the next couple months the newest magazine is Phenomena Magazine. The magazine is out of the UK and the Editor Brian Allan contacted me this morning. Yes that same Brian Allan the author, screen writer and documentary filmmaker. Also my new friend and bestselling Amazon author of “World Mysteries and True Ghost Stories” Jaqui Steven’s has posted my book on her site at: and it is also posted at  Now for those of you into EVIL government conspiracy my “Gang Stalking” series continues. I am on the front lines for you guys of some serious investigative journalism. Anyway part three is available on the "Before It's News" website. Finally my book "Sin Thesis" is available in paperback or download at Amazon, itunes, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etcetera and has also been in a bunch of different magazines and websites.
Till next time, remember: Our dreams don’t just happen, we have to make them happen.

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