Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mysterious Double Rainblow!

Hello Friends and fellow time travelers. Today I have a question for you from a real life mystery. I wrote a book about the many paranormal phenomena I’d been experiencing after a couple extraterrestrial encounters. So the question? After 7 years of researching for explanations as to why these experiences happen to humans, this happened. The very next day that I officially wrote and edited the last words of my book 4 months ago. My brother Mike called me to look outside the back door and I saw two things I never saw before. One was a double rainbow and if you look closely at the base of the bottom one it is in front of the tree line. We could visually see the rainbow touching the ground. I had never seen a rainbow touch the ground. Was this added phenomena? Does anyone know what this sign means? Does it have a meaning? More importantly, have any of you seen both or either of these events combined? I took it as having some special meaning. What? That I don’t know… The picture was taken from a cellphone.

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