Thursday, February 26, 2015

"The Philosophy of Time" by Torres

Hello my Facebook and other Earth friends, I have another announcement. Of course I won’t be announcing every time an article is published, but I found that many of you are following the same sites as me. Some of the ones with larger followings over a few hundred thousand of course I do announce or new sites. I found that many of you follow the “Wake Up World” site which I write for. Also I now write for “Disinfo” which just posted my article “The Philosophy of Time.” I really enjoy reading some of the feedback to the articles and love to get feedback via email too: also if you are reading this and you haven’t already, “Friend Me.” The Disinfo article can be found at:
I hope you enjoy it and please share and don't forge my author page.
Robert Torres explores philosophy of time using excerpts and concepts from the book "Sin Thesis."

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