Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to END Your Gang Stalking!

OK TI friends, so FINALLY!!! Hurray!!!!!! My Gang Stalking part 5 and Final installment to my series is posted...... and although it’s not completely posted on some of the sites, it will be eventually. This installment is called “How to END Your Gang Stalking!” Any of you are encouraged to share this with your groups as I will myself. Contact me if you think I’ve missed any and for those who link the NowFact website please use this one for now. Thanks to those of you who’ve sent me your stories for my research, I read all of them completely. I’ve also got some other GREAT news to post like NEW magazines carrying my other stories and will get them up hopefully in the next week. Have a HAPPY EASTER TI and other friends! Here is the link to the story below: Any of you feel free to contact me via email only pls.

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