Friday, April 10, 2015

Torres article on the "Wake Up World" website

Hello TI friends and others “Why the New World Order Will Fail” has been re-posted today on the "Wake Up World" site. Also many of you know that my FINAL installment to my Gang Stalking series part 5 “How to END Your Gang Stalking!” has been posted. The response on the different sites was great. I am amazed at the numbers for a gang stalking article. I only expected two hundred but again it is in the thousands. Last time it was over 10 thousand on the different sites. Here is the series link: OK but this update is to let you know that my supplemental to the series “Why the New World Order Will Fail” can be found using the link below to the Wake Up World site. Thanks!…/why-the-new-world-order-will-fail/

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