Thursday, April 23, 2015

Torres' "Communication from the Future" article on Disinformation website

Hello my Earth friends from the current timeline! I think this is good news because like many of you, I LOVE Science! Not as much as I love that "other" Earth stuff, but it’s right up there. Anyway over at they made me a column writer. So I put together this article as I was researching some physics stuff and found myself completely fascinated. This article is called “Communication from the Future Discovered and Proven to be REAL!” Is it happening right now? As I stated in the article, I believe it is but it’s too much for me to explain to you how I know…However for any of you who read my article “The Alien God Species,” you may already know how I know… Have a nice rest of the day Earth friends from the current timeline…

Discovery in physics and the underlying metaphysics lead through a breakthrough. Using entangled subatomic particles future communication is made possible.

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